Family Fun at Home: Make a Junk Model Train

Make a Junk Model Train:

Use everyday recycling materials to design and create your own steam locomotive!

There are lots of materials we throw away or recycle which you can use. Have a look around your house to see what you’ve got – please check with an adult before using anything!

Click here to download our ideas booklet or simply take a look at the pictures and ideas below.

Model train made out of recycled materials.
  1. Use boxes/ rolls/ yogurt pots, etc. to make the main parts of your locomotive. Hint – you might find it easier to cover these with coloured paper before you stick them together.
  2. Put some wheels on – use bottle tops or cut circles out of card.
  3. If you want to add more detail, use lollipop sticks/ straws as the coupling rods between the wheels.
  4. Use cotton wool/ tissue paper, etc. to create some steam to come out of your locomotive’s chimney. You could make a tender to go behind it to carry coal and water.
  5. If you want to do even more, make a train of carriages for your locomotive to pull to carry passengers!
Model train made out of recycled materials.

Ideas for decorating your train:

  • Cover boxes and rolls with coloured paper or draw pictures to stick on.
  • Cut out pictures or letters from magazines to stick on. You could give your train a name and put it on the side.

Make sure you always wash your hands after handling recycling materials to get rid of any germs.

If you want more ideas, take a look through these pictures of trains that have been made by visitors to the West Shed…

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