Family Fun at Home

Family Fun At Home: Take a look at our ideas to get creative!

We have posted some of our activities below so you can have a go at home. Click on each activity for more information – have fun! Keep checking back to see what we have added…

A Mum and her child making a model train from recycling material.

Make a Junk Model Train

Get some ideas for how to make to make a train from recycling materials.

A 3D steam locomotive made out of paper

Make a 3D steam locomotive

Print off this template, cut it out and stick it together to make your own locomotive.

Click here to download and print off your template to cut out.

A decorative wreath made out of paper shapes of leaves.

Make A Decorative Wreath

Make a wreath out of a paper plate and decorate it in different themes.

Line drawing of steam locomotive Duchess of Sutherland

Colouring Picture – Duchess of Sutherland

Colour in this picture of one of our steam locomotives – Duchess of Sutherland.

Click here to download and print off the picture

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